eCE Gift Card

Gift Cards

For Merchants

A custom solution that enables retailers and other companies to affordably offer their customers a simple gift-giving solution. The eCE ™  Gift Card program allows merchants to sell custom gift cards redeemable for merchandise or services at their location(s).
In addition, retailers can not only increase revenue since is it proven that 61% of consumers who receive gift cards spend more than the value of the card, but also drive repeat business to their location(s) as well.

Benefits Include:

Custom Gift Cards
Increase customer awareness with gift cards that are fully customized with your business's own logo and design, or you can select a card design from our wide range of predesigned cards.
Increased Customer Spending
61% of consumers who receive a gift card spend more than the cards value. In addition the cards can be reloadable, enabling cardholders to add money to the card any time after it has been issued.
Reuse Gift Cards from an Existing Program
In most cases we can transfer your outstanding gift cards and balances over to our eCE ™  Gift Card program. Simply supply us with a unused card as well as a balance report from your existing provider and we can tell you if those your cards are transferrable.
Online Reporting
Online reports allow businesses to generate detail- or summary-level data in a report format. These reports can be generated via the merchant Web application, and a .CSV file can also be generated and then imported into a spreadsheet or database application.

For Merchant Service Providers

Offering ISOs and MSPs a simple and effective way to help build their merchant portfolios with flexible card production, online boarding and management tools as well as numerous terminal download and deployment options.

Program Benefits:

  • Increased profitability with our Competitive pricing.
  • Multiple revenue stream opportunities.
  • Easy Online Account Setup process.
  • Private Labeling of Cards and Customer Interface.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Materials.

Reduce Expense
With Our competitive pricing and flexible card production management.

Custom Cards
Increase customer awareness with gift cards that are fully customized with your business's own logo and design.

Reuse Existing Cards
In most cases we can transfer your existing gift card balances into our systems.

Online Reporting
Access and download both summary and detail-level reports.

Need Assistance?
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