eCE Check Scanner

Check Scanners

For Merchants

Real Time incorporation of Image Capture, Optical Characters Recognition (OCR) and Check 21 or Back Office Conversion (BOC) transactions during the check scanning process. In addition, the software provides access to, and support for, more than one scanner depending on the specific requirements of the client.
The client software is downloaded from the site onto your PC and the eCE ™ Check Scanner is plugged in via a USB port. Once downloaded the system is ready to process checks using our eCE Payment Gateway

Benefits Include:

  1. No trips to your Bank, filling out deposit slips, and waiting in line.
  2. Helps Eliminate Bank Deposit Fees for handling paper checks.
  3. Faster Notification on Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) items.
  4. Reduce Expense by spending less time on Account Receivables.
  5. Increase Cash flow with Faster Access to Funds.
  6. Less file storage space, all images are stored on our systems for 7 years.

Supported Transaction Types:

  • Accounts Receivable Entry (ARC)
  • Automated Recurring Transactions
  • Back Office Conversion (BOC)
  • Batch File Upload
  • Check Drafting
  • Check Guarantee
  • Check Verification
  • Internet Checks
  • Point of Purchase (POP)
  • Represented Check Transactions (RCK)

For Merchant Service Providers

Most businesses still handle paper checks in today's world. Customers are looking for a fast, easy and affordable solutions to their check processing needs. As a reseller, you'll find yourself ready to offer one of the best possible electronic check processing solutions in the industry today.

Program Benefits:

  • Increased profitability with our Competitive pricing.
  • Multiple revenue stream opportunities.
  • Easy Account Setup process.
  • Private Labeling of Hardware available.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Materials.

Less Downtime
Anti-Jam design provides for uninterrupted work flow. Duty Cycle estimated at 1.5 Million scans.

Green Technology
Low energy consumption, only 800ma. Made from over 85% recycled materials.

Feature Rich
Check and Drivers's License scanning functionality. Supports Color, Black & White as wells as Gray Scale Images.

Improved Reporting
Review your Check 21 activity and Archived Check Images easily.

Need Assistance?
Our skilled agents are standing by to answer any questions you may have.